Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to look like a million bucks

*These tips are courtesy of Allure Magazine's interview with Michael Kors in '05, so I have made a few updates:

Looking rich isn't about the yacht - it's about appearing as though you've just stepped off one. Once you've nailed the basics, it's all about the upkeep. Here's a primer.

1. Disregard the weather Strappy sandals in winter ( unless it's 30 below ), sunglasses on a cloudy day - these are all signs of the glamorous life. If you look like you should be in St. Barth's in December, then you are above the elements. But if it's snowing, wear mink gloves for goodness' sakes.

2. Fake it Start every season with a stack of little black tees. ( The pic below is American Apparel Sustainable edition $15 ea. )
Whenever you put one on you'll feel like a Bouvier sister. Then find a good pair of cubic zirconia studs and rings - it will seem as though someone gives you great gifts, you can afford the yourself, or they were in your family. All work in your favor. (* I personally like the gemstone earrings below, I found at Vivre, they were also in last this month's Vogue. These earrings are a steal at $225 and can be easily mistaken for yellow diamonds - from afar anyway. But they are real, classic gemstones, and anyone can wear them since thy are clip on ).

3. Own it Buy an expensive dress and wear it often. It let's people know you didn't borrow it. Classic socialites, such as Nan Kempner, went out in the same gowns over and over again because they were, in fact theirs. And save up for brown crocodile pumps. They can be worn with everything, and unlike black, brown crocs develop a patina that looks better over time. ( * No brainer - go to Ebay and scout for vintage designer frocks and shoes - nothing says rich like classic vintage - including this very summery Pucci dress below - hurry only four days left! ).

4. In the red A woman with money has beautiful skin. So make sure yours has little shine and stick to makeup in neutral shades, such as taupe or slate. The one exception is red lipstick. Wear this with nothing else for a full Katherine Hepburn moment. It should look very nonchalant, very throwaway - like you just woke up, washed your face and went out in red lipstick.

5. Polish up A rich girl always has beautifully manicured hand but doesn't act like she thinks about them. This means no French manicures and no bold colors ( soft pink or beige tones instead ) Keep the length short enough to suggest you go horseback riding. ( * use Revlon Quick Dry Nail Polish - it has one of the lowest toxicity ratings - inexpensive too )

6. Head for broke Nothing sets you apart like a gorgeous mane of hair. You want fabulous color and lots of shine. - so if you aren't a whiz at blow drying, spend the money on a blow out. And when you pull your hair back, us a tortoise shell comb - it's the scrunchy of the rich. ( * get the Barbar Eco 8000 this eco friendly salon quality hair dryer saves drying time and energy $150 )


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